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Soldier Songs & Voices is a nonprofit organization that provides free instruments and songwriting lessons to veterans as a form of post-conflict care.

Through music education and community-based outreach, we provide veterans with tools to turn their stories into songs.

Our goal is to create communities that honor veterans of all generations. We do not just support veterans--we invest in them.

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Soldier Songs and Voices

Interested in Joining a local chapter of soldier songs & Voices?

Are you a musician who wants to help share the power of songwriting?

Do you want to make a difference in your life and the lives of other veterans?

Reach out to us, we have chapters across the nation.

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Music retreat
Soldier Songs and Voices songwriting

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virtual meetings nationwide

Join our interactive songwriting workshops hosted on Zoom by our Chapter Leaders across the nation.

Soldier Songs and Voices Nationwide

Nationwide meeting
hosted by Dustin Welch
Mondays at 5PM / CST

Soldier Songs and Voices Portland Metro Chapter in LA TImes

Portland Metro Chapter
Hosted by carl solomon
Sundays at 2pm / pst

Calendar of events

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