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'Letters' - simple enough instruments. Torn envelopes bearing the news of the day, and the wishes and prayers of and for loved ones far away from home. For a Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, or Marine - they’re another animal entirely. In the pocket or pack of nearly every man and woman who stand in our defense there’s a letter.


A paper thread providing tangible, real evidence of the love and life that waits for their safe return. In scribbled cursive strokes and crayon drawings live the laughter and tears of children missing parents--the sounds of neighborhoods--an entire family's concerns--a lonesome lover's angst--a parent’s worried prayer--all live and take shape for a few sacred minutes in between the lines.


For just a minute the  world makes sense once more as the soldier drops his shield and armor just long enough to let love and life touch and heal them one more time. 

Letters Solder Songs and Voices

'Letters' 2010 Liner notes

Letters is a dynamic multi-media presentation combining narration, original songs and lyrics--written by our Soldier Songs And Voices Veterans, live music performances from our staff and Veterans, and Letters. 
Letters read aloud--to and from our Veterans --in theater, at home, just returning, just leaving, heading to basic, et al.  All or any of the situations that they’ve been through or seen, or even imagined. 

Soldier Songs and Voices Letters

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